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Title: 一場傳遞定時炸彈的危機 ——2007年美國次級房貸風暴
Other Titles: A crisis of passing time bombs ——Subprime mortgage crisis in 2007
Authors: 施, 旻均; 褚, 顏妍; 陳, 孟柔; 鄒, 晨城; 洪, 森森; 張, 荃; 徐, 靈迪; 林, 渝鈞; 朱, 凱維
Keywords: 次級房貸風暴
American Subprime Mortgage Crisis
Causes and Analysis
Prevention and Solution
Issue Date: 6-11-2017
Abstract: 美國次級房貸風暴是金融史上相當重要的事件,全球資本市場緊密相連,也因此導致了全球的信用緊縮危機,本文主要探討次級房貸風暴的形成原因、過程、影響以及政府的補救方式,為次級房貸風暴的發生做一個詳細的匯總整理及原因分析。我們透過尋找實體書籍、教科書以及網路上的相關咨詢,以系統的方法進行分類整理,更加深入其境地體會到當時的歷史背景與金融環境。為了防範未來發生同樣的危情而思考預防與解決的辦法,期望能透過本研究所整理的資料,讓大家深刻得認識到虛擬經濟的發展不能夠脫離實體經濟而過度膨脹,而衍生性金融商品及市場也應在適度的風險控管中發展。
American subprime mortgage crisis is quite an important event in financial history. It also led to the global credit crunch because the global capital market is closely linked together. This article mainly discusses the causes, processes, effects, and the government's remedies for the subprime mortgage crisis. We made a detailed summary of it and tried to analyze it. Through the search for books, textbooks and related information on the Internet, we classified all the materials by systematic methods to dig deeper into the historical background and financial environment of its times. In order to prevent the occurrence of the same dangerous situation in the future, we think about the prevention and solutions. We hope that through this research, you will realize deeply that the development of virtual economy can't live without the real economy or it will cause excessive expansion, and the derivatives should also be developed under controlling by moderate risk management.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 林, 昆立
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 貨幣銀行學
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