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Title: 電商物流之自營與外包最佳化模式-以亞馬遜為例
Other Titles: Self-operated logistics and outsourcing logistics optimization model of electronic commerce-take Amazon for example
Authors: 鄭, 先任; 洪, 佳妤; 郭, 千瑀; 李, 依蓁
Keywords: 亞馬遜
self-operated logistics
outsourcing logistics
Optimization mode
Issue Date: 6-11-2017
Abstract: 以往的電子商務,多數都將物流外包以精簡人事資源及節省運輸成本,但現今網路平台上的交易量上升,需配送的貨物量相對提高,使外包物流的選擇成為負擔,許多電商平台開始思考外包物流的議題,如亞馬遜近年建立自營的物流系統,欲取代目前物流全數外包的模式。 本研究構建自營與外包物流方案組合之規劃模式與自營與外包之物流配送營運模式,進行敏感度及情境分析,根據結果進行討論,分析其對於電商公司之利益及對於運輸成本之效益,並提出管理意涵及策略。
E-commerce in the past, most logistics outsourcing to streamline the personnel resources and save on shipping costs, but today's trading volume rose on a network platform, distribution increased the amount of goods you want to make outsourcing logistics choices become a burden, many e-commerce platform to start thinking about outsourcing logistics issues, such as the Amazon in recent years set up proprietary logistics system, To replace the current logistics outsourcing mode of payment in full. This study proprietary logistics and outsourcing portfolio of planning models and proprietary and outsourcing of logistics operation models, sensitivity and scenario analysis, discussion based on the results, analyzing the business interests of the company and for the shipping costs of benefits, and the managerial implications and strategies.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 吳, 沛儒
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 專題研究
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