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Title: 電商物流外送服務之最佳化模式
Other Titles: An Optimization Model of E-commerce Logistics for Delivery Service
Authors: 吳, 艾芸; 趙, 予謙
Keywords: 食品物流
Food Logistics
Optimization Model
Issue Date: 6-11-2017
Abstract: 物流在滿足食品外送需求方面扮演關鍵性的角色,其運作績效深深影響整體食品外送服務。然而,鮮少有研究嘗試構建食品外送在各種情況下的物流最佳化模式。因此,本研究旨在以電商業者之角度構建食品外送的物流最佳化模式,以解決食品外送中的物流問題。本研究首先透過深入專家訪談,彙整出食品外送之物流商業模式;進而根據深入訪談結果,研擬銷售、行銷、配送之三種電商外送食品物流之最佳化模式。在模式分析上,本研究利用敏感度分析,找出影響食品物流運作之關鍵因子;進而透過情境分析,探究不同營運環境下,電子商務食品外送之物流行為。最佳化模式之分析結果顯示銷售模式可獲悉最佳之營收與數量;行銷模式可求出最佳之淨現值與方案;配送模式可求得最佳之銷售數量及配送中心設置點。基本模式分析結果搭配敏感度與情境分析結果,本研究研擬提高總營收、淨現值、利潤三大運籌策略。本研究構建的物流最佳化模式,可分析重要關鍵的電子商務食品外送物流行為,並可讓外送食品電子商務業者有效地執行不同物流策略。
Food logistics plays a crucial role in satisfying food delivery requirements. Nonetheless, few attempts have been made to determine optimized models for various circumstances of food deliveries. Hence, this study aims to develop optimization models to tackle logistics issues in food deliveries. Specifically, in-depth interviews were first taken to identify crucial logistics business models of food deliveries. Furthermore, three proposed optimization models of food logistics in e-commerce delivery include selling, marketing, and distribution models according to the results of in-depth interviews. Numerical illustration demonstrates that the proposed models are effective approaches for food logistics companies to implement different e-commerce food delivery strategies. Moreover, the proposed logistics models elucidate the crucial e-commerce food logistics behavior associated with various situations of food deliveries.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 吳, 沛儒
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 專題研究
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