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Title: 企業管理資訊系統之比較:以法雅與石燕為例
Other Titles: Comparison of management information system: A case study of Faya and Shi Yan
Authors: 陳, 昕; 李, 舒媺; 張, 凱琪; 林, 怡廷; 傅, 詩淯; 蔡, 秉諺
Keywords: 管理資訊系統
Management Information System
Point of Sale System
Shi Yan
Issue Date: 6-11-2017
Abstract: POS系統主要的功能在於營業資料的分析、統計商品的銷售、庫存與訂貨進貨管理、以及顧客購買行為,所得結果可以提供經營階層做管理、決策的依據,是經營上不可或缺且能夠減少人事與時間成本的工具。本組藉由法雅與石燕之點餐系統探討POS系統對於餐飲業中不同類型之店家在經營管理資訊系統方面對於企業營運成效及服務流程之影響。從訪談以及資料搜集之中,瞭解其對於店內所使用系統的心得以及操作步驟,並獲取對於系統的相關資訊,接著對於店家營運做出問題探討。
The main function of the Point Of Sale is to analysis business data, statistic the sales of the goods, customers’ purchase behavior and inventory, order, purchase management. The results can provide managers to make decisions for the company, which is indispensable and can reduce both time and labor costs. Our group do research to discuss how the system impact on the operational performance and service flow through Faya and Shi Yan, two different types of stores in the catering industry. From interviews and data collecting, we understand how they feel about the system, its operating procedures, and relevant information; furthermore, we make discussion of their operation.
???metadata.dc.description.instructor???: 陳, 建文
???metadata.dc.description.course???: 管理資訊系統
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